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SAM Newsletter #22 Spring 2019

The SAM 2019 AGM hosted by the Town of Pouch Cove, saw 15 SAM member communities and 4 of the Eastern Habitat Joint Venture partners take part.

SAM Annual General Meeting 2019

This past May the SAM AGM took place in the beautiful town of Pouch Cove. Located on the northern tip of the Northeast Avalon Peninsula, about 45 minutes from St. John's. Known for scenic views and the town motto of "first with the sun", Pouch Cove joined SAM in 2017 and has been an active member ever since.

The AGM kicked off with the Friday night meet and greet held in the Stiles Cove Recreation Complex. The group was treated to a presentation by Lori McCarthy from Cod Sounds, the 'homegrown' company dedicated to keeping the cultural food of this province on our plates for generations to come, and Shawn Dawson from the Barking Kettle.

Guests ventured outside and were taught how to identify, collect and prepare some locally foraged edible plants. Everyone was encouraged to share their own stories of food and foraging in this province.
Top photo: Lori from Cod Sounds and Shawn from the Barking Kettle explaining some of the best edibles are weeds found in your garden. Bottom photos: Lori and Shawn prepared an amazing spread wild of edibles for guests to sample, and invited everyone to make their own alder bud salt to take home. 
On Saturday morning, SAM member representatives gathered for the AGM in the Sitles Cove Recreation Complex. The meeting was chaired by the SAM President, John Norman, and all of the SAM Executive were in attendance. Each SAM member representative gave a presentation on their communities successes and challenges faced over the past year in environmental stewardship and conservation.

The members also got to hear updates from the other NL Eastern Habitat Joint Venture (EHJV) partners including, the Provincial Government Department of Fisheries and Land Resources, the Federal EHJV coordinator from Environment and Climate Change CanadaDucks Unlimited Canada,and SAM. 
Top photo: SAM Member representatives discuss their experiences with environmental stewardship in their communities. Bottom photos (left): Mayor Joedy Wall makes the host community presentation for the group. (right): SAM and Ducks Unlimited Canada pamphlet display.
After the meeting, the Town of Pouch Cove led the group outing on the East Coast Trail. Participants enjoyed stunning views of the ocean,  majestic icebergs, and learned a little bit about the local environment. Those not able to join the hike were invited by Mayor Wall to have a tour of Pouch Cove's new water treatment facility. 
Top Photo: SAM AGM representatives making their way at the end of the East Coast Trail into the Town of Pouch Cove. Bottom Photos (left): SAM representatives posing with an iceberg in Pouch Cove; (right): Getting up close with sphagnum moss on the east coast trail
The weekends events came to a conclusion at the SAM AGM Networking Dinner held in the Pouch Cove Anglican Church Hall. Keynote speaker, Roy Noseworthy, member of the Pouch Cove Historical Society, spoke on what heritage means to the people of Pouch Cove. Guests were also treated to an impromptu song sung by the Mayor of Pouch Cove, Joedy Wall. 
Top photo: SAM Vice President, Kathleen Blanchard, gives a gift on behalf of SAM to the Town of Pouch Cove. Bottom photos (left): SAM Members enjoy a delicious meal provided by The Town of Pouch Cove and SAM. (right): Roy Noseworthy speaking on "Heritage" and how to preserve it in NL.
A big thank you again to the Town of Pouch Cove for hosting an inspirational weekend of networking and stewardship.  We look forward to seeing all SAM Members at the 2019 Fall Meeting to be held in central Newfoundland.

SAM Network News & Updates

  • Youth Hunter Workshops 2019 June - August  Open to youth ages 12 - 17,  this program embraces the heritage and culture of hunting and fishing in Atlantic Canada and encourages our youth to become involved in conservation in our communities. Check out the news release for dates and locations
  • Rare bird spotted in Lundrigan's Marsh   Lundrigan's Marsh is a small wetland, but that doesn't mean that it can't host rare birds! Check out this stilt that showed up recently at this wetland in St. John's. There's a public lookout if you'd like to go see it - bring binoculars!
  • Campers join us in Marine Park this July 13th   SAM Staff will be leading a program in Pouch Cove at Marine Park with the local campers. Join us on July 13th for some wetland games and fun!
  • Send us your snaps!   SAM Staff are always looking for pictures of our conservation areas for our newsletters and social media. If you are in your local conservation area, take a good snap and would like to share it, please send it along  with the location and date to 
Mayor Sam Gibbons of Centerville-Wareham-Trinity (CWT) speaking to residents about the SAM program and habitat stewardship.

Putting their best foot forward: CWT Hosts a public engagement program for habitat stewardship

SAM often gets the question from members, what happens next? What happens after we sign our Municipal Habitat Stewardship Agreement? The Town of Centerville-Wareham-Trinity has been proving to be a great example for other members by taking steps towards active stewardship!

In November 2017, CWT signed their Municipal Habitat Stewardship Agreement and received their Conservation Plan for their review. In the past year the community also was able to send a representative to the SAM Spring AGM and form an environment committee, the C-W-T Habitat committee.

This past month the Town and the newly formed habitat committee, took another step forward and held a public engagement night highlighting the SAM program. They invited SAM Conservation Biologist Laura King, along with CWT residents, and representatives from other SAM towns such as GanderGamboIndian Bay, and New-Wes-Valley
Residents were given the opportunity to submit ideas for environmental stewardship during the evening.
The evening was a wonderful opportunity for CWT residents to discuss possible environmental stewardship projects, regional partnerships, and to meet members of the C-W-T Habitat Committee.

While in CWT, Laura was also able to help out with a fun field trip for the Grade 6-7-8-9s from Centreville Academy. Laura led an ecosystem exploration program in Black's Brook park. The teams of students looked at different insects, lichens, birds, wetlands, and mammal tracks that could be found there. Thank-you to the students of Centreville Academy for a wonderful morning!
Top Photo: SAM Conservation Biologist leading the ecosystem exploration program for the students of Centreville Academy in Black's Brook Park. Bottom photo (left): Students participating in the Ducks Unlimited Wetland Field Trip hosted by Ducks delivery partner IBEC. (right): "Marsh Monsters" or aquatic invertebrates.
Laura was also able to help out with the Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) Wetland Fieldtrips hosted by DUC delivery partner, Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation (IBEC). Grade 4 students were able to find lots of interesting pond invertebrates and talked about their role in supporting freshwater ecosystems by providing food for fish and birds.
Ducks Unlimited delivery partner, IBEC and Ducks Unlimited Canada volunteer Earl, talking to students about waterfowl and wetlands.
Keep up the good stewardship CWT!
Does your SAM community need help in setting up an environment/habitat committee? Get in touch and we can help.

Email for more information.

Becoming an Outdoors Woman 2019

The Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) Workshop is for women 18 years of age or older who wish to learn new outdoor recreation skills or enhance their knowledge of fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. This past May, BOW was held at the Lavrock Camp and Conference Center on the Salmonier Line and our SAM Conservation Biologist, Laura King, was able to attend and lead a couple of the workshop sessions. 
SAM Conservation Biologist showing BOW participants how to use a spotting scope for bird watching and duck hunting.
Laura led two sessions: "Birds of Newfoundland and Labrador" and "Waterfowl ID 101". The group had perfect weather and had many great bird encounters including OspreyRuby-crowned Kinglets, and different species warblers
The workshop also offers instruction in outdoor activities such as firearm use, outdoor survival, map and compass use, birding, photography, and angling.

Participants learned and improved outdoor skills under the guidance of experienced and enthusiastic instructors. BOW introduces participants to a variety of outdoor activities and provide the opportunity for continued skill development.
SAM Conservation Biologist helping out with the archery session at BOW 2019 
The participants in the BOW program leave feeling inspired to learn a bit more about their local environment. So for SAM it is also a great chance to get people interested in our conservation areas. Many participants discovered that they have SAM conservation areas in their hometowns.

If you would like to learn more about this great program please contact the Salmonier Nature Park at 229-7888  Email:  or 
Or visit the BOW facebook page!
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