Monday 6 February 2017

December and January SAM Community Updates

New-Wes-Valley signed a Habitat Stewardship Agreement on January 20, 2017.
The SAM community grew again this month when New-Wes-Valley signed a municipal habitat stewardship agreement and became our 37th member. The agreement designates two areas as protected Management Units: Business Pond (1,091 acres) and Queen's Meade (Newtown) (44 acres) for a total of 1,135 acres. Business Pond is an important community hub: the site of a recent art project from Bonavista North Museum & Gallery entitled REDress, and a popular boardwalk trail. Queen's Meade is becoming a birding hotspot, with 38 species sighted in 2015-2016, including the federally endangered Red Knot. The conservation of both of these areas demonstrates the Town's commitment to stewardship and the protection of habitat for wildlife and people. For more information about the Town of New-Wes-Valley and their stewardship agreement, visit their community profile on our website.

SAM Network News & Updates

  • World Wetlands Day was February 2! This day marks the adoption of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 1971, and is a celebration of the importance of wetlands around the world. The theme this year was Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction. We hope you took the opportunity to visit your local wetland, clean-up litter, or read up on these unique habitats. Ducks Unlimited Canada and SAM staff marked the day at Manuels River Interpretation Centre in Conception Bay South, with an afternoon of family activities.
  • Applications for Nature NL's Wild Things Scholarship are due on March 20. This $1000 award celebrates residents of NL that are, or will be, enrolled in a post-secondary program, and who have shown an active commitment to the environment through their volunteer activities. Applications are also open for the SAM Conservation Scholarship; apply by May 1.

SAM Conservation Scholarship: Torbay
The second annual SAM Conservation Scholarship was presented to Mr. Willem Peters in Torbay in early December. Mayor Ralph Tapper and SAM President Linda Bailet presented the award to Mr. Peters. Willem is completing a Masters degree in Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. Applications for the 2017 SAM Conservation Scholarship are due on May 1.

Celebrating 30 years: Codroy Valley
Conservation efforts in the Codroy Valley reach a big milestone this year. On May 27, 1987, the Grand Codroy Estuary became the first (and remains the only) wetland in NL to be classified as a Wetland of International Significance under the Ramsar Convention. Thirteen years before, in 1974, local residents came together to request a closure to hunting in the Estuary. The local community continues to be a driving force behind conservation and stewardship in the Valley.

Green Team 2016: Come By Chance
The Town of Come By Chance had a busy season with their Green Team in the summer of 2016. The Team was able to complete several beautification projects around the Come By Chance Estuary, including trail maintenance, litter removal and installing interpretive signage. After a successful season, the Town plans to re-apply for another Team in 2017. Applications for Green Teams are due February 24apply here.